IPMA Category Description Guide

Note: Singles/tracks (not albums) are eligible for each category.  Solo artists, duos, or groups are eligible for all categories. Other than the New Talent category, only music that has been commercially released during the eligibility period can be submitted.

  • Rock Performance – For newly recorded rock performances with vocals.

  • Pop Performance – For newly recorded pop performances with vocals.

  • Dance Performance – For newly recorded dance performances with vocals, including “House”, “Techno”, “Rave”, “Freestyle”.

  • Rap/Hip-hop Performance – For newly recorded rap or hip-hop performances with vocals.

  • “Musica Popular” – For newly recorded vocal performances in the “Musica Popular” genre.

  • “Traditional” – For newly recorded vocal performances of a more traditional nature, including such styles as regional folk music, Azorean folk music, folklore/rancho music, etc. Does not include “Fado” genre.

  • “Fado” – For newly recorded Fado vocal performances genre.

  • “World Music” – For newly recorded World Music vocal performances. This category is intended for recordings that may combine musical elements indigenous to their culture or country with additional elements of the Portuguese culture.

  • “Instrumental” – For newly recorded instrumental performances.

  • People’s Choice – For newly recorded singles/tracks, voted on by the general public via the internet.

  • Song of the Year – For newly recorded singles/tracks, awarded to the songwriter(s). The song is judged based on melody, lyrics and writing aptitude.

  • New Talent – For artists who have not previously ever released recordings.  It is awarded to the artist without reference to a song or album.

  • Video of the Year – For original music video not more than 10 minutes in length featuring the performance of not more than one (1) song or medley. Awarded to the artist and director.  Factors to be considered include, but not limited to, video concept, creativity, production, visual appeal and the artist’s performance.  The video must be commercially released within the IPMA eligibility year.